Friday, November 9, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Supply Trip

Oof. I'm exhausted. In one week, I will have picked up my family for their Thanksgiving visit. We will probably be eating spaghetti and gushing over how awesome the kitchen looks. Maybe after that, we'll put a movie in and be incredibly lazy for a Friday night.

But today? Today, just seven short days before my family arrives, I was running all over town. Mom has been watching the grocery store circulars and this morning I got my marching orders for grocery shopping. I made a quick stop at Wal-Mart (I know, I know) to pick up a giant new TV, a larger crock pot, and a few groceries that Mom had ordered, plus a space heater because the thermostat has decided it only wants to work if I do a tap dance around it. Then it was off to the local grocer's, where I felt a bit like an extreme couponer. Largest quantity of a single item? Six 32 oz boxes of low sodium chicken broth. I think it's for Thanksgiving's cornbread dressing.

It's strange to be doing the shopping for a family of four. For the past few months, I've just been shopping for myself. I can cook one entree recipe and two or three sides, divvy them up, and be set for a week. I only buy half-gallons of milk because I can't go through it quickly enough. I usually buy six eggs, unless I plan on doing a lot of baking. I came away with three bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts, two bags of frozen meatballs, four boxes of pasta, two dozen eggs, and two half-gallons of almond milk. And that's not even everything I bought today, nor is it everything we'll be getting in terms of groceries.

Thank goodness the kitchen will be finished soon, or I don't know where I'd put all this stuff!

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