Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green Sleeves

The end is in sight for my Gathered Pullover! Only about a sleeve and a half to go!

I'm really, really loving this pattern. I know it's several years old, but the decision to knit projects that have been sitting in my Ravelry queue for years on end was definitely a good decision.

I'm also working on slowly paring down my stash. It's not large by any means, but I have lots of little misfit skeins that like to hide away from view, so limiting myself to what patterns I can knit and what yarn I can use has really helped me actually use up the lovely yarn I have and knit the patterns I want to knit.

I know a lot of people like to have a lot of projects on the needles at a time and I just can't keep track of everything. When I was younger, I would check out bags and bags of books at the library, start reading them all, and then forget about one or two and rack up a huge late fee. After about the fifth time I did that, I finally learned that I lose track of things if I do too much at once, and I guess that's just carried over into my knitting.

I keep baskets around that every work in progress gets returned to after I'm finished working on it each day and it keeps me in check. As soon as the basket starts getting too full, I know I can't start any new projects and will usually pick one to focus on. Most recently, it was the roses cross stitch pattern. Now it's the Gathered Pullover. After that, I'll probably let myself pick a new project.

What I really need to do is organize my supplies again. Eek. They're a nightmare!

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  1. Beautiful! I generally tend towards cardigans instead of pullovers, but that cable makes my fingers itch.